Lately we have been discussing the challenge of creating unified architectural expressions for large schools which come with the many varied programmatic components of all shapes and sizes. The New Islands Brygge School by C F M∅ller in Copenhagen comes with a well integrated enclosure packaged in a beautiful wood wrapping.

Our JUST ONE THING this week is outdoor learning. A middle level secondary school with an emphasis on food and movement in the context of experiential learning, active outdoor spaces spiral up around the perimeter of the school, offering outdoor access to all of the classrooms.

These spaces incorporate tiered socializing areas, gardens for cooking and science, a greenhouse, and rooftop sports facilities including basketball courts, parcour, and a running track.

The Commons is considered as the heart of the school, with special emphasis on the importance of eating well and preparing healthy meals, having student grow and cooking their own food together as part of their learning process.

Links: CF Moller website, ArchDaily


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