ARCHITECTURE is a collaborative process; a direct expression of the people and institutions it serves.

As such, our work engages in a meaningful way with its surroundings, improves human experience, embraces the craft of building, fosters innovative thinking, and leaves a gentle imprint on the face of the planet. By creating buildings that add significant value to the communities in which they’re situated, we at Integrus endeavor to make the world a better place – for everyone – to live, to work, and to learn.


STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING informs the ways in which a structure can – and should – be built.

Through analysis and design, we ensure that what we build is able to withstand the stresses and pressures of its environment; that it remains safe, stable, and secure throughout its intended use. Striving for an integrated solution that meets the needs of all involved, the structural engineering team provides the support necessary to take projects from concept to design to construction – and, ultimately, from vision to reality.

Thomas Corcoran, PE, SE

Robert Graper, PE, SE

structural engineering

INTERIOR DESIGN ensures that the built environment not only is functional, efficient, and safe, but also enhances the quality of the environment itself.

The interior design team at Integrus brings the broad set of skills and technical knowledge required to deliver full-service solutions for both new construction and remodels – from 3-D modeling at the early stages of planning, to installation coordination, to punch-list follow-ups. As an added service, we also provide complete furniture specification packages that include programming, selection, and drawings, as well as assistance with bids and purchasing.

Stephanie Ogram

Shelly Engels

interior design

EDUCATION FACILITY PLANNING aims to define the programmatic, functional, spatial, and environmental requirements of a school facility.

Because it defines a set of very specific needs, it’s critical that education facility planning also be tailored to the needs, desires, and visions of the community that school facility serves. We therefore begin working with school district and community representatives early in the design process – to take into account programmatic objectives, schedule, and budget, and, ultimately, to create a space for teaching, for learning, and for student development.


school planning

SECURITY CONSULTING employs design to ensure safety, create a positive work environment, find operational efficiencies, and influence outcomes.

Long before a system of security criteria was put in place, Integrus experts worked with manufacturers to develop physical attack and forced entry models that set – and became – the industry standard. That level of innovation continues today. Our security consultants work with the design team to evaluate, understand, and neutralize threats – both outside-in (e.g., courthouses and police facilities) and inside-out (detention centers and correctional complexes).

security consulting

EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN is the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, form, technology, and, especially, content to create environments that communicate.

It embraces a wide range of disciplines, going beyond architecture to include graphic, interior, and landscape design. Integrus employs experiential design to promote more intuitive wayfinding in its buildings, to create places that reflect the values of those who inhabit them, to make information more accessible and easily understood, and to engage and inspire users. Experiential design isn’t about adding scope to the project; it’s about being more thoughtful and intentional within the existing scope.

TJ Hoving, SEGD

experiential design