We’re problem solvers, searching for the perfect fit for student development; for teaching and learning requirements; and for the needs, desires, and visions of the surrounding community. We work with you to identify and prioritize your values – and the physical and spatial manifestation of those values – then we use our skills as designers to solve your problems.

Mark Dailey
Brian Carter
Thomas Corcoran
Preston Potratz
David Van Galen
Rebecca Baibak P.
Becky Barnhart
Robert Graper
Amy Vanderhorst
Johnny Hong
Jeff Middelton
Rich Siddons
Theresa Daniel
Marcine Herron
Forrest Shannon
Martin Sweet
Matthew Sullivan
Stephanie Ogram
Charles Calvano
Sam Schafer
Daniel Gero
Patrick Donnelly
Alicia Morganti
Shelly Engels Yancy